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Our Mission

Positive Presence Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that exists to provide life-changing and life-saving mentorship to vulnerable young adults ages 15-28 in disaster zones, underserved communities and struggling families.

Our Vision

Positive Presence Foundation is a preventative measure to help mitigate the negative side effects of a generation overburdened.

We believe that we need to start empowering this often overlooked portion of our population during these trying times. Too often delaying help can lead to mental health disorders, substance abuse, and even loss of life. We envision a world where all teenagers and young adults have the opportunity to experience the advantages of having a trusted mentor coach.

The Positive Presence Foundation ensures that all who seek help on this journey can receive it by eliminating the financial barriers holding them back from becoming their best self.

The Challenges of Today’s Youth

Teenagers and young adults of today are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. An already confusing time in life is being exacerbated by social media and information overload. Amidst an increasing backdrop in youth suicide and a formidable gap between poverty and privilege – the younger generation is struggling beyond measure.

Our world, economy and everyday life has been dramatically impacted by a shift in the global climate, the Coronavirus Pandemic and national racial injustice. The reality in today’s society is that there is a higher chance of our youth struggling with facing these issues then surpassing them unscathed.

Even in the best of times, the younger generation is fighting to find their worth and their place in this world. Our children’s drive is being tested and their education altered. Pair that with school shootings, unprecedented natural disasters and everything else present in today’s world, and we get a generation that is mentally unstable, physically unhealthy and afraid for their future.

Positive Presence Foundation can remove some of that weight on their young shoulders.

Inquire to learn more at info@positivepresencefoundation.org

In honor of
Marek Edwin Putman

Our Scholarship Fund

The Marek Edwin Putman Scholarship Fund was created to honor a former student of Positive Presence Global, a high-schooler who lost his life to suicide in 2018. This young man had an incredibly bright future. He could light up a room just by walking into it. His artistic talents came second to his love for his family – three younger sisters and his mom and dad that he left behind. Marek didn’t deserve to be alone in those last moments of his life, and we honor him by using these funds to save the lives of others across the globe. His legacy lives on in every scholarship we provide, in every minute of coaching and in every student we work with. Marek will not be forgotten!

Through both our community centered coaching and virtual coaching, we provide each scholarship recipient with 6-months of life-changing and life-saving, one-on-one coaching. This fund allows our students to find passion, purpose and a life WORTH LIVING and discovering.


Three Channels of Support

Disaster Relief Coaching

Anytime there is a disaster (man-made or natural), our select team of Positive Presence Certified Mentor Coaches volunteer their time, energy, resources and coaching services by physically being present in the community in crisis.

Community Centered Coaching

In underserved neighborhoods across the country, there is an underbelly of substance abuse, self-harm, violence, domestic abuse and poverty. We aim to alleviate these stressors by offering free in person coaching to the young people living in these areas.
Since these communities might not have access to internet and cell phones, we recruit and train young adult role models in these areas to mentor those most affected. This level of support creates a ripple effect of change amplifying the positive growth of their community.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching is an extension of our parent company’s Mentor Coaching program. Our Positive Presence Mentors provide one-on-one virtual support to young adults that may not have the financial resources to receive coaching from Positive Presence Global. ‘

Inquire to learn more at info@positivepresencefoundation.org

Ways to Support Positive Presence Foundation

Become a Sponsor

There are over 47.12 million teenagers and young adults in our country between the ages of 14 and 24; we want to help as many as we can! Positive Presence is ramping up our coaching team, support staff and online tools to keep up with the growing numbers of teenagers and young adults in need. We are on the front line helping these teenagers and young adults as much as we can, but we can’t do it alone. Our fundraising goal to continue to make an impact at the level needed in our current crisis is $100,000 in 2020. These funds would allow thousands of scholarship recipients life-changing and life-saving coaching, while also providing full-time income to our coaches and management team in the Foundation across the country to do what they do best; help heal. We welcome corporate and private donors to contribute to our Scholarship Fund at various levels.

Become a Volunteer

Imagine turning on the news one morning and hearing a headline about a global nonprofit that is at the forefront of eradicating insignificance amongst our youth. Now imagine that you were part of the team at that nonprofit - one of many that banded together as a collective to change a global crisis, to save lives. Now think of one teenager or young adult that you know and love, imagine them drowning in a silent darkness covered up by fake smiles and a glistening social media presence.
You, yes YOU - can help.
Whatever talent you have, whatever passion that motivates you, whatever amount of time you can find - you can help that one young person and thousands and millions just like them. If you want to volunteer, we will give you a platform.


Every penny donated to our fund helps our cause. We welcome your contribution and thank you for your support.

Inquire to learn more at info@positivepresencefoundation.org